Catching Up

Once again time has gotten away from me, but that happens to each of us all the time.  Life.  School, work, kids, family, etc. and we try to throw in anything that will get us away from the same day to day monotonous routine.  Within the past few months I have had a lot going on and most have been an effect on my grades with my online school.  The grades I am earning right now are a “C”.  I know, you’re thinking that barely makes it.  I’m embarrassed to say it..poor C.  I’m three to four classes away from earning my Associates Degree.  I should be excited because seeking an education through online access is far from easy when you have a full time job with a full time course load and everything else in your life taking turns to be shine.

Ok, so here I am with sight of my Associates Degree for Web Design almost in my hands, moving up the GS federal ladder with a new position come February, new used car and new home.  It feels good to be blessed to say all of that.  This is certainly the time of year when we only occupy ourselves with how much we go into debt for our friends and loved ones only to be miserable with the results later.  I am certainly in no position to give advice as if I have not felt the same pressure, because I have.  I don’t blame any delays in my life on another person. We are all in control.  Everything happens for a reason, there is a reason for everything.  I need to do better and must be better. I don’t like to wait until the New Year to make resolutions.  No one should wait until that moment to say, hey, I need to change this or fix that, or I want to learn how to do this or that.  It is your prerogative, do it now.  Take small measurable pieces that you can achieve and make it happen.  For me, I want to lose weight.  Because I love food, it is an easy goal to say, I’m going to lose 10 pounds even though it would be better at 20.  Taking things slow does not mean it will never be done.  Just sitting around waiting for a holiday to come around like New Years is more of a time waster.  I hope you will take that journey for yourselves, whether it be school, new look, new job, new home, car, whatever.  Don’t let anyone get in your way of what will make you happy.  Those are not people who care about you and what to see you succeed.  We all have them.  Make the best of your life.  Mistakes are not bad, they’re growth.  You can do it!

Until next time we chat.

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In and Out of WordPress

So, I thought it would be easy to say that I would at least do a post on a monthly basis, but already it has been several months.  Life just goes by like a blur sometimes doesn’t it?  A lot has happened, but that’s always the case I think.  School should be over for me in March unless I do poorly in any more classes.  I need to do more than my best to make sure that doesn’t happen.  I really love my school Sandford-Brown College.  You get the best software, books and discounts.  The faculty, staff and the professors are always checking to see if you need any help.  I like the format of two and one classes.  You take one, then two, then one, then two, and so on.  I thought online would be easier, but it has a lot of challenges for me, especially since I’m doing a lot of programming.  I’m going to get through this degree and then take a little break for maybe three months to think about what I want to do next.  Right now, I am glad to be almost done and the courses although challenging are something that I didn’t expect for my degree plan.  I won’t bore this post with discussion about further details regarding my personal life.  I will do my best to be more attentive to my blog and stick to what I say I will do.  Until the next post.  Goodnight.

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IP3.1 – Template Changes

 My Content Management class is really helping to keep up my blog posts on a weekly basis.  I haven’t done this in months and I’m hoping I will continue even after it’s not for a grade.  Anyhoo, back to the reason of this post.  I changed my theme for my blog to a popular theme called Twenty Thirteen.  First of all, the name was something that grabbed my attention.  What would make someone name a theme that and not see any numbers?  Another appealing them to me where the colors.  I am a big fan of brown, but the addition of the red as part of the background makes it pop for me.  There are a lot of themes for WordPress to choose from, so it was very hard to pick the few I did and then settle for Twenty Thirteen to start with.  To view themes like this one and more, go to

Until next time….stay classy!

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My Plug-in Choice

So in keeping up with learning more about WordPress and add more blogs, I have made the choice in adding new plug-ins.  There are a lot of choices in the plug-in directory, but for now, I have added three additions:

o JetPack – will help me to customize CSS on my blog pages as they grow, allow a single sign on to make logging in more efficient and help with email subscriptions

o NextGen Gallery – has the ability to work with images, especially files that are part of zip folders to make uploading more effortless

o WordPress Social Sharing Optimization – is the connection for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Each of these plug-ins should be a good start to helping to improve the look of my blog.  I have also added a few different themes that I will be trying as well, but in a more controlled way so any followers are not confused with too many changes.  I removed a HollyDolly theme developed by Louis Armstrong.  At this point, I don’t see the value to having each of my blog pages display Holly Dolly and confusing the name or purpose of my blogs.

Thanks for being a follower to this blog.  Stay tuned for more updates and information shared.


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My Bio

We already know my name, if not, it is Yolanda.  I was named after Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter (well one of them of course) because of how my parents that he impacted their lives and this country.  I have always appreciated that honor.

Currently, I am a reservist in the United States Army Reserves for over 12 years as a Postal Supervisor.  Before this job, my unit concentrated on personnel records and other management for units before deploying.  I have a master graphic certificate from  I am pursuing my Associated in Science for Web Design with Sandford-Brown (formerly IADT). My degree should be done by February 2015 and I am considering the Bachelor program next.

I have always loved graphics.  Thanks to the temporary agencies that I have worked for, I realized my love for grpahics.  For a long time, the tasks that I accomplished were through programs such as MS Word, Publish and Powerpoint.  I didn’t have the funds to acquire the Adobe programs needed to be a desktop designer.  Finally I learned Photoshop, but with the long gap in attending a school that taught the skills I needed, I forgot how to use the basics and felt like I was starting over.  Sometimes I still feel like that today with Adobe updated and added more programs all the time and others becoming obsolete that you just started to understand.  Why is technology so fast?

My two new classes, Content Managment and Micromedia are going to be a little challenge for mek, but I’m going to do my very very best to keep up and succeed with a good grade.  I’m hoping to learn as much as I can from both to take my skills to another level.  That’s all we can ask for.  No one understands everything, but if we can just get comfortable with some things, the rest may come to us gradually.

Two truths and a lie: 1. I am a big wrestling fan; 2. I like Barbara Streisand and 3. I like rap music.  Well the truth is there are all the truth, but the lie is I don’t like Barbara, I looooove her.  Seriously because my mom had me so young, we both share this feeling for her.  My favorite Barbara movie is Yentle.  I have it on cd and listen to it all the time.  She is a great actress.

Well, that’s enough for today.  I know I said that before just recently, but I also said I couldn’t promise the posts would be small.  You will still with?  Good.  TTYL 😉

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I’m Back!

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve been logged on to WP. Not long ago it was my full intention to keep this blog site open and post on a monthly basis, but we all understand how things get in the way of our plans. This time I am hoping to be better at keeping the blog updated because life is short and you never know who you will touch with our posts that may be going through the same experiences.

Today my post is not going to be long, but I can’t commit that anything from this moment will always be the same. Sometimes there is so much to share it’s easy to get wrapped up in those moments so I will apologize now. Here’s to a new new beginning and learning something from one another.

Until later.

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Out of Sync

Woooooow, I look at my last blog post and it has been a while. Understanding that not making a post is mostly due to the fact that the main reason the WordPress account was started was due to class assignment. Now that I am no longer required to make a comment or action each week, what will I do from here on out? Hmmmm I think this could be a good outlet for me and may possibly lead to other positive things that I am planning for myself. So, from here, I pledge to check in weekly and possibly set monthly goals to prepare myself for finishing my degree with IADT and starting a successful entrepreneur opportunity. Here’s to getting back to the swing of things and knocking them out of the park!

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